Why ITC?

We define success as helping families be empowered by the growth and support a trust can provide. Because trusts are our core business, our time is spent focusing on our clients and you can rest assured that our priority is for you to be empowered by your trust...not restrained. When you call, we pick up the phone and since we aren't trying to sell you on stocks or portfolio changes, we are poised to be your best advocates in making your trust work for you.

Our Team

Our team's mission is productivity— we don't walk, we run. We know intellect must be combined with a strong emotional IQ to allow your family to feel comfortable relying on those who manage their financial future. This commitment to achievement puts our team in the best position to advocate for our clients. With our deeply rooted belief that trusts are about families, not technicals, ITC is passionate about bringing trust back to the trust industry.

A note from Chairman and CEO Geoff Madsen:

One of my grandfathers was an actual cowboy. He earned money to feed his family by competing in rodeos and, for a time during the Great Depression, he and my grandmother called a tent home. Married for 61 years, they paid cash for every purchase, worked hard for every penny and, ultimately, passed down to me a golden nugget of cowboy wisdom that has always stuck with me: “When two men ride a horse, one must ride behind.”

In applying a little cowboy wisdom in considering how one might best set their trust up for success, I could never understand why the same person whose job it is to sell investment products should also hold the job of making investment choices for the trust. Who is directing the horse? The emphasis can be on the client or the investment firm — one interest must always ride behind. With that principle in mind, I established Independent Trust Company to eliminate that conflict of interest. We have one interest — yours.

Independence is our secret sauce. That means disciplined focus exclusively on personal trusts isall we do. One proverbial rider directs our horse: what's best for your trust. The reality is that if conventional trustees claim fiduciary responsibility for their clients means their trust clients' interests supersede profit from internal investments. Independent Trust Company wouldn't exist if that were true. Because we do not package or sell investment products, we only do well when your trust does well. And we have for over 20 years.

I know how it feels when your trust underperforms and your trustee isn't returning your calls to explain why. ITC is here because there is a better way, I invite you to join us in putting the trust back in trusts.


Geoff Madsen

Chairman and CEO, Independent Trust Company

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