We believe intelligence and experience are not always enough when making decisions about a family’s financial future. Our clients and partners trust us to care…which builds trust, respect and confidence. Our team is comprised of national leaders and educators in the trust industry. We are strong advocates and well versed in trust execution but it is our empathy for the intricate details that face trust families that separates us. Simply put, the culture at Independent Trust empowers the next generation by thoughtfully encouraging the sharing each generation’s lifetime of experience.

The trust industry is filled with large, “big box” financial corporations. Independent Trust meets the same institutional requirements…but with a boutique feel. We focus on being approachable and building lasting relationships when selected as your corporate trustee. Trusts are about people, not technicals, and you’re the smartest person in the room when it comes to caring for your family. We hope you will consider Independent Trust as an extension of that family.