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The advantages of a corporate trustee

Individual trustees can be

  • Difficult to contact | no accessibility

  • Late distributions or tax filing

  • Doing nothing | letting the process unfold on its own

  • Refusal to act

Ask the golden questions

Trusts are a gateway to assets already existing in your current book of business as well as s mechanism to grow or protect relationships with existing clients to ensure you'll bemanaging their wealth for years to come. When a major life event occurs, a trust could end up eith the local bank or lawyer which leaves you vulnerable to being cut off from investments. We developed The Golden Questions to get the conversation started and you on the road to protecting both your client and your business:

  • Are you or your family involved with a trust?

  • Is the trustee an individual or a bank?

  • Do you feel the investments associated with the trust are performing well?

  • What are your family's long-term goals for the trust?

  • If I could show you a way for us to more effectively invest your trust's assets, would that be helpful to you and your family?

Independence Matters:

We are a leading provider of trust management and administrative services. We firmly believe that it is a conflict of interest to be both the trustee and the investor of the trust assets so we stick to trust management and partner with advisors to be the investment experts.

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