Unique Asset Management

Independent Trust Company has built the expertise to care for your family’s unique asset administration and management. The families that have come to rely on our unique assets administration process are able to rest easy knowing the trust can continue to hold the assets their families hold most dear.

hard-to-value and unique assets

What Are Unique Assets?

We learned long ago that all the families we serve are unique and each one has an individual approach to wealth creation and preservation. In addition to “standard” or investable assets, families create trusts with portfolios that include all sorts of “unique” or non-investable assets.  

Unique assets can include real estate, mineral interests, closely held businesses, even intellectual property and royalties. The list of assets that trustees categorize as “unique” goes on. These types of assets can be among a family’s most loved holdings.  From the family cabin or lake house to royalties from grandpa’s patent — almost all families own “non-investable” assets.  

At Independent Trust Company, we believe in serving all of a family’s needs.  Our unique asset administration process is built to help families retain and even enhance all their trust assets. Unique asset management services can incorporate a broad range of assets like:

  • Second or vacation homes
  • Commercial real estate and other income properties
  • Museum-quality art and other collectibles
  • Limited partnerships or other closely held businesses interests
  • Oil, gas and other mineral rights

Management for Your Unique Assets

Andrew Carnegie once said, “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined.” So why is it so hard to find a trustee that will administer trusts with real estate?  

The methods that families utilize to create and build wealth are as individual and diverse as the families themselves. Wealth creation and preservation is about more than just the investment account. From real estate to the family business, it is easy to understand that unique assets are part of the strategy families use to build wealth.   

To administer unique assets properly, trustees need to create a different process than the one used to manage investable or standard assets, which creates a lot more work. So most trustees don’t accept trusts with assets other than exchange-traded stocks and bonds. Obviously, family wealth usually doesn’t fit in a one-size-fits-all mold.

Independent Trust Company has developed a trust asset management process that takes all of these concerns into account.

A Trust Asset Service Company
You Can Depend On

In spite of the fact that unique assets are part of almost every strategy, large banks and trust administrators frequently refuse to manage unique assets. They don’t want to be responsible for the many difficulties involved in creating the process to administer unique assets. But Independent Trust Company doesn’t shrink from the challenge. 

As a leading trust asset service company, we have built and refined our asset administration process to mitigate risk and effectively manage unique assets. We provide holistic trust asset management with clear eyes and a well-grounded understanding.

Unique Asset Management That Meets Your Needs

Whether you rely on our family trust services or advisor trust services, you have access to unique or non-standard asset management tailored to your family’s trust requirements. Our nimble approach means we’re a trust asset services company attuned to your needs. ITC covers all the bases when it comes to unique asset management.


Our team has the processes and expertise to maintain and value your family trust portfolio’s unique assets, ranging from vacation rentals to intellectual property and more.

Reporting and Security

We maintain accurate, up-to-date asset records, including the proper insurance and maintenance programs

Professional, Effective Trust Asset Management

Because it’s so hard to find trustees willing to administer unique assets, many have resorted to approaching family members or friends to act as their trustees. The challenges of building and maintaining a process to value and manage assets can be overwhelming. 

That’s where ITC’s professional trust asset management comes in. We have the expertise and the sensitivity to navigate the complex waters of unique assets. Consistency and conservative risk management are the foundations of our business. Thanks to our extensive experience, ITC administers a wide range of unique trust assets with ease.

Trust Your Unique
Assets Management to ITC

With extensive experience in the administration of unique assets, Independent Trust Company provides professional unique assets management for a wide range of families. Contact us today to learn how we can help administer your family’s unique assets.