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Trusts are not an entitlement, they're a preservation of value. At Independent Trust Company, we offer the following services to assure your family’s trust asset are productive and safe.

As a corporate fiduciary, we are available to serve as:

We know that no two families or their trusts are the same and examine each with discretion as it pertains to investments, distributions and lifestyle. Whether your trust has already been signed or if you are approaching that point, we're here to review your trust documents and suggest accordingly. Common personal trusts that fall within our area of practice include:

Fee Structure:

Preliminary review, document analysis and consulting services are complimentary. Should ITC accept the responsibility of trustee, service fees are paid by the trust itself and determined as a percentage of the value of the trust assets or our monthly minimum fee.


ITC engages in this review and analysis for internal risk management purposes only. Any comments or suggestions ITC makes are not to be considered legal opinions of any kind and may not be relied upon by any party for any purpose. ITC does not draft legal documents, provide legal advice, or guarantee or endorse the work of any attorney in any fashion or for any purpose.

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