Economic & Market Outlook 2023 Where to from here?

Economic & Market Outlook 2023 Where to from here? | January 30th, 2022  | HOSTED BY ITC ON GOTO WEBINAR

Come listen and gain insight into the 2023 Market and where we can anticipate going from here. To register, reach out via the contact us button below and submit a request to register.

Upcoming Webinars

If you liked our last webinar, please look at our upcoming dates and subjects.

February 23, 2023 – Golden Questions® – how to grow your book of business

Come learn why about critical questions to ask your current and future clients that can help you grow your book of business by capturing sticky Trust business.

March 23, 2023 — 10 Things advisors should know about Trust.

Plan to attend in March to learn about the 10 essential things advisors should know about Trusts and how knowing these things can benefit your client.

Questions? Talk With an Expert About Trustee Roles & Responsibilities

ITC’s mission is to provide a space where families can be connected and cared for as their trust intended. Contact us to speak with an advisor about Trustee roles and responsibilities or to learn more about our trust administration services.

Teaching Others About Trustee Roles and Responsibilities & More

As a leading provider of trust services, we appreciate the opportunity to help educate our current and prospective advisor partners and clients on trust matters. This allows all members of the client team to better care for families as their trust intended. 

We offer information about Trustee roles and responsibilities, the different types of trusts and the benefits of independent trusts. In addition, we provide educational materials to help clients make informed decisions and understand why setting up a trust and choosing a corporate Trustee is an integral part of their financial plan.