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ITC is privately owned and conflict free by being unaffiliated with any other financial services provider. Since 2011 we have served both individuals and families of wealth throughout the United States.

We offer holistic trust management, administration and estate settlement services providing peace of mind across generations.

We deliver the highest levels of responsiveness and commitment to preserve families’ legacies. Our clients consider us to be the best South Dakota trust – let us prove to you how a personal relationship with a trust administrator can be beneficial to you and your family.

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Location Matters

South Dakota Jurisdiction

Nationwide services.

South Dakota is viewed by many as the best place to have a trust for many reasons. We help families throughout the US benefit from South Dakota’s favorable trust statutes. When it comes to wealth planning, understanding and selecting the right jurisdiction is key.

South Dakota has earned the reputation as the leading place to form a new trust or even move an existing trust. The state is consistently recognized as THE most favorable or among the most favorable trust jurisdictions.

Some of the advantages of a South Dakota include the state’s:

  • Innovative and flexible trust laws
  • Modern asset protection and dynasty trust capabilities
  • Reliable judiciary
  • Low tax burdens
  • Fiscally sound government &
  • Pro-trust legislature and business regulation
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Proprietary technology systems

We have invested to developed proprietary technology so our teams can reliably deliver specialized, timely workflow monitoring and reporting. Every process is reflected in our Customer Relationship Management.

Our technology is the basis for improved client interactions freeing our staff to spend time with you, our clients.

Dedicated 3-member team

Each and every one of our accounts are serviced by a dedicated 3-member team.

Each team receives additional support from in house legal, compliance, tax, real estate and other unique asset management services.

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Connect with our friendly, knowledgeable people to discuss:

  • Understanding the provisions of your trust
  • What the grantor of the trust intended to provide and on what basis
  • Who can hire and fire the trustee of your trust
  • Why distributions may differ between the beneficiaries of the trust
  • Who can serve as trustee of your trust
  • What are the costs typically associated with administration of a trust
  • Types of trusts and the different roles of stakeholders
  • Insights on best practices from a professional trust administrator
  • Additional provisions that you might consider including in a trust.
  • Where to domicile your trust and why it can save you money

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