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Download the packets below to begin the process.


Documents included in Packet 1:

  • CIP Signature Card
  • Client Contact Information
  • ITC Appointment
  • Proposal
  • Removal
  • Resignation of Trustee

Documents included in Packet 2:

  • Authorization for Deposits
  • FA Delegation Request
  • Notice to Primary Beneficiary
  • Form W-9
  • Living Expenses Budget
  • Trust Service Agreement

Contact us following the completion of these documents. We will provide a secure link for document transfer.

Features of Our Trust Services

How Can A Professional Trustee Help You?

Our solution-focused staff are at your service.

ITC engages with you from the start and manage the legal, accounting, tax and investment oversight of your trust. Our services include:
  • Providing comprehensive reports that won’t overwhelm,
  • Sharing clear statements reflecting performance of all trust assets,
  • Working with CPAs specializing in trust accounting for accurate tax preparation,
  • Assisting with filing annual state and federal trust tax returns,
  • Addressing tax matters related to the trust,
  • Providing timely asset distributions to beneficiaries,
  • Reviewing all documents thoroughly and promptly,
  • Reinvesting with our eye on support of many generations to come.


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Clarity & Harmony

We navigate complex legal, regulatory and tax matters, and set realistic expectations to minimize family friction.

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  • Understanding the provisions of your trust
  • What the grantor of the trust intended to provide and on what basis
  • Who can hire and fire the trustee of your trust
  • Why distributions may differ between the beneficiaries of the trust
  • Who can serve as trustee of your trust
  • What are the costs typically associated with administration of a trust
  • Types of trusts and the different roles of stakeholders
  • Insights on best practices from a professional trust administrator
  • Additional provisions that you might consider including in a trust.
  • Where to domicile your trust and why it can save you money

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