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Financial Advisors: Working Together

Financial advisors working together with trust managers.

We aren’t shy about our belief that it is a conflict of interest to be both the trustee and the investment manager for a trust.

This is why we stick to administering personal trusts and deliver promptly on cash commitments, annual reviews, taxes, and statements.

It’s also why we work with many financial advisors throughout the country so our trusts can enjoy the benefits that partnership can produce.

For financial advisors wondering the value of working with Independent Trust Company, the simple answer is that we offer a service that allows you to continue a successful relationship with your client.

Successful relationships in trust management for your clients.

By helping your clients name ITC in their estate plans, you take a stand for their financial security and are transparent about the conflict of interest that exists in acting as both trustee and investment manager.

You also assure that when the big day comes, the assets you helped the family to build don’t go to the local bank for investment and trust administration.

You protect your role as the expert in investments. It’s a win-win that allows the trust to benefit from allowing everyone to do what they do best.

You may also find that a client comes to you with requests about what entitlements their trust provides; this is a great time to bring us into the conversation and use our expertise to clarify the specifics of their trust.

Our experience as trust clients and as trustees gives us an understanding of why trusts were written the way they were and how to best execute on the terms of the trust.

There is a lot of value in relying on a professional trustee to focus exclusively on the management of the trust as it insulates you from potential liability and keeps your focus on your practice.

We share the same goal: serving and retaining each client that we work with.

Together, we can rely on our respective expertise to ensure we do that and do it well.

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