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Silence & Trusts: Talking about Money

When working with clients, we often hear that they are uncomfortable talking about their trusts because “it’s just not something we talked about in our family”.

We believe that communication is imperative to the successful management of your trust.

This is a big part of our work with clients: getting clear on the intent of the trust as it is written and on the same page with the management of the trust so that everyone receives the benefits they deserve.

Did the person who wrote your trust do it so that you never talked about the trust or felt incapable in running your life and future? Absolutely not.

Your trust was created because someone loved you and wanted to provide for you while also putting in place tools to ensure future generations also enjoy the benefits they are entitled to.

Your trust is the equivalent of a highway: drive as fast but you want guardrails in place to keep you safe.

We have been in the trust business for over 20 years and can assure you that the more you talk about your trust, the better understanding you will have regarding what it can do for you.

Whether we are your trustee or not, reading your trust and talking to the right people gives you more information about properly administering the trust.

More information gives you more freedom. Freedom gives you more independence.

We understand that money and family relationships aren’t without sensitivities but starting the conversation is the first step in unlocking the hidden benefits your trust was designed to provide.

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